How it works

How it works

The JumpStart Challenge: Jump in virtually or physically

The JumpStart Challenge is the major annual fundraising event of Mr Price Foundation. All proceeds will empower South Africa’s youth through the Foundation’s JumpStart skills development programme.

The Challenge can be completed virtually, anywhere and anytime, from 27 February to 5 March 2023.  The event can also be completed physically at Holla Trails mountain biking and trail running park in Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, on 4 March (mountain bike) and 5 March (run/walk).

Entry donation

Virtual participants in South Africa will pay R99 entry to ride/run/walk the distances listed.

International virtual participants will pay $10 entry.

Physical participants at Holla Trails will pay the following to ride/run/walk, which includes the necessary permits:


  • R150 – Pink Route: 3.3km
  • R275 – Brown Route: 8.5km
  • R350 – Blue Route: 14km

Mountain Bike Ride 

  • R150 – Silver Route: 15km
  • R275 – Yellow Route: 50km
  • R350 – Pink & Gold Route: 95km

What is the JumpStart Challenge?

The JumpStart Challenge is a hybrid fitness event with physical or virtual participation,  for cyclists, runners, joggers and walkers of all ages and abilities.

It gives virtual participants a window period from 27 February to 5 March 2023 to complete the following races: * 3km run/walk * 7km run/walk * 15km run/walk/ride * 50km ride * 100km ride.

The event can also be completed physically at Holla Trails in Ballito, on 4 March (mountain bike) and 5 March (walk, jog, run). The distances for physical events are: * 3.3km run/walk * 8.5km run/walk * 14km run/walk *15km ride * 50km ride * 95km ride.

There is no need to qualify to participate in the JumpStart Challenge. Race times for the physical events at Holla Trails will be automatically tracked and uploaded via FinishTime. Virtual ride/run/walk entrants will need to upload their race times on FinishTime.  Instructions will be emailed prior to the event. The results of every finisher in each race category will be recorded on FinishTime, which can be accessed via the JumpStart Challenge website.

Once the race times are recorded on FinishTIme, participants can download and print their personalised electronic Completion Certificate.

Important information

By entering the JumpStart Challenge, participants agree to take part at their own risk. Mr Price Foundation, Mr Price Group, the organisers and partners of the JumpStart Challenge will not be liable for any legal consequences or injury as a result of participation.